Sunday, 8 July 2012

Borage and Pimm's

Borago Officinalis -8th July 2012

Now that Murray has failed to meet the hopes of the British tennis public - again -, perhaps it is time to dash out to the garden to find something to garnish a stiff pimm's. One must keep one's spirits up somehow.

Two years ago I decided to sow and grow on a few borage plants. They did well - perhaps too well . They have turned feral and their self seeding now results in plants popping up all over the garden. Most of them appear in rather inappropriate places and I am forced to rip them up, but I do allow a few to grow to maturity. The young leaves add a certain zest to a summer salad. The flowers attract a great number of bees and are  a pleasureable addition to a refreshing Pimm's. Chin chin!

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