Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Pea Green

More and more vegetables are coming, "on tap," in the garden. I have been able to pull sufficent peas for a meal, resisting the temptation to snack directly from the plant. These are a main crop pea called, "Onward". They were sown outside in the middle of April in rows on either side of the supporting wire. I have two sixteen foot rows and I would expect a crop approaching three stone in weight. Most of these will end up in the freezer.

A neighbour gave me some pea plants of a heritage variety ( I have forgotten the name) which he assured me would grow in excess of six feet in height. Despite erecting a wigwam to assist them in their himalayan endeavours they seem to have decided that base camp at three feet is as far as they are going. A tough life is that of a pea.

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