Friday, 13 July 2012

Still on Track

A week may be a long time in politics but it is a tiring time in athletics. No niggles, strains or pulls in the past week though - result! I feel I am getting some sharpness back. Since last Tuesday I have slotted in the following sessions:-

 4th  July     - 6 miles steady run
 5th  July     - 15 min warm up; drills; 6 x 150m with pick up at 80m; 10
                     min cool down.
 6th  July     -  20 min on rowing machine  @ 2.30 per 500m; 8 x (10 x
                     35kg) benchpress
 7th  July     -  20 mins warm up; 15 x min on/min off ; 10 mins warm
 8th  July     -  20 mins warm up/easy; 12 x min on/off; 15 min warm
 9th  July     -  7.2 miles. First half at 7.45 pace; second half 6:50 pace
10th July     -  12 mins warm up; drills; 8 x 300m (52s) - 90 s static
                      recovery; 10 min warm down
11th July     -  6.5 miles steady
12th July     -  20 mins warm up; core exercises; drills; shuttle runs; 10
                      min warm down.

Today is a rest day in preparation for a hard track session on Saturday.

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