Friday, 20 July 2012

Lordly Fig

Ficus carica 20th July 2012
My fig tree - very small fig tree - was purchased at Glenarm Castle in the spring of 2011. Unfortunately the variety was not shown on the label. The gardeners there had rooted several cuttings taken from the fig trees growing in the walled garden. Six small figs developed last summer. These are now beginning to hang down but they are not fully ripe as yet. Next year's crop is forming well and provided  I don't manage to kill the plant in the interim there should be a tripling of fruit numbers.

For the moment I am growing the tree  in the greenhouse but eventually I will plant it out against the garden wall and fan train it. The work involved in constructing a planting pit to restrain root growth is slightly daunting. The theory behind the planting pit is that the tree will then put more effort into producing fruit rather than leafy growth. It is quite strange that you never see a fig tree in flower. The flowers are contained within what becomes the fruit.

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