Sunday, 25 January 2015

Twitchers' Weekend

Big Garden Birdwatch

24-25 January 2015

I have taken part in the RSPB's Big Garden Watch for the last couple of years so I thought I might as well spend an hour counting our feathered friends for another year. Maybe it is an age thing but I do find it interesting, not just the day of the count but also the final results. What birds are declining in numbers, what birds have managed to fight back.
Last year I do feel that the weather must have had an affect on the results. Even our feathered friends don't like hailstones. Today's weather was comparatively mild and as a consequence there was definitely more activity around the bird table. That said I was surprised that the resident collared doves didn't show nor one or two rapacious magpies. My count provided the following results:-

Blackbird. 2
Blue Tit. 3
Chaffinch. 3
Coal Tit. 1
Great Tit. 2
Hedge Sparrow 13
Long Tailed Tit. 7
Robin. 1
Wren. 1

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