Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Belfast Mineral Water Company

I was paging through a copy of the Belfast Gazette from 14th June 1929, as one does, when I came upon an advertisement concerning the winding up of a company by the name of, "The Belfast Mineral Water Company Limited." The crudely drawn blue lines around the announcement highlighted its sometime importance to some one.
The name rang a vague bell in one of the stygian recesses of my mind as having a connection with Londonderry despite its nomenclature. I was correct. The Company had had premises in Londonderry during the nineteen twenties. These were situated near the bottom of Glen Road and had been purchased from Welch Margetson & Company Limited in June 1922 for the sum of £1,175. The lands are shown coloured red on the map at the foot of this post. I believe that the latter company had operated a laundry there in connection with its shirt manufacturing operation.
The Liquidator put the property up for sale on 5th February 1929 and it was purchased by John J Madden of Queen Street, Londonderry, Mineral Water Manufacturer for the sum of £570.00. Many people will remember the Madden Mineral Water Co and its, "Clarendon Springs." He subsequently sold the entire property in 1936 for £1050. The portion of the property on the north side of Glen Road, is where Craig's Bakery was to operate from for many years.



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