Saturday, 3 January 2015

New Year's Training.


Active rest was our instruction for the Christmas period. Today was the end of that episode of relative rest. Training recommenced with a vengeance. We met at 9 o'clock and jogged to the start line of a Park Run, perhaps 1.25 miles. The 5k of the Park Run followed. Not quite at full race pace but it was still a bit of a shock to the system. Less turkey and ham next year methinks? I managed to get myself through the finish line in 19 minutes. Not too bad for someone of my mature years.


After allowing our barcodes to be scanned so as to record our run times for posterity and the Park Run Community we jogged back to our start point, a local park. Here we commenced a pyramid of efforts. The efforts started with a meagre ten seconds and progressed in ten second intervals to ninety seconds and then down again. Between each effort we had a sixty second jog. It doesn't sound that hard a session but the actuality pulls at the legs. I traversed in excess of 4.2 miles at an average mile pace of close to 7min 30. What pace I was achieving in the efforts I am not quite sure.


I have to concede that I was rather tired by the time that I had returned to the comfort of the familial acres. A rather generous luncheon was called for and consumed. Thereafter two hours of cutting and choping wood concluded my exercise for the day.



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