Sunday, 11 January 2015

Grey day for run.


Condensation on the windows and a grey dawn greeted me when I pulled back the curtains and opened the shutters this am. I already knew that it was windy and sure enough the branches of the garden trees were being whipped about. Not an inviting day for training but habit and conscience told me that I needed to venture into the great outdoors and complete my Sunday run. I had participated in a Parkrun followed by a track session on Saturday so my instructions for today were to run for 60-75 minutes at recovery pace.


I decided to drive to the coast and commence my training with a few miles on a beach. This was not to be. The tide was in with the waves attacking the dunes. The greyness of the day continued at the beach. Only the breaking of the waves differentiated sky and sea.


With a run on sand being an impossibility I took to the neighbouring country roads. The wind continued to gust, forcing false steps and depending on my compass bearing either trying to force me backwards or hurrying me forwards. Not perfect running conditions but there was a sense of satisfaction in battling against the weather conditions. Although I was by myself and therefore had no one to chat to the time went in quite quickly. Nine and half miles completed.


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