Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Garlic Poking Through.



The new year, - just. Although less than a week of 2015 has passed over the yardarm I have noted that my autumn planted garlic is already beginning to poke above its protective soil. Hopefully the forthcoming months don't knock back this vegetative thrust towards the spring.


Maybe I planted the garlic cloves a trifle too early! Maybe the weather has just been too mild! If the worst should happen I suppose that I can plant more cloves in early spring but it would mean a later cropping and of course ground would be tied up for a longer period. It would be more difficult to obtain a second crop from the ground.


I still probably have forty or fifty garlic bulbs in storage in the cellar. There is no evidence of nascent growth as yet, but I suspect that it will not be too long into February before I will have to consider roasting the remnants of the garlic store and placing them in the freezer.


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