Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Dead Wood


Having a mature garden has its benefits. You don't have to wait for the tree or shrub to go grow to maturity. But it also has its disadvantages. Eventually those mature plants pass their genetic allotment of years and die.

About half way down the garden there is quite a large planting of laurels. They must be some thirty feet high. Certain of them have toppled over and new growth is sprouting from the long bare boughs. Others have just fallen and died. I spent most of Sunday afternoon cutting out this dead wood and carrying it the hundred or so yards to the yard for sawing up and splitting. I know that a chainsaw would make short work of this latter task but I am rather wary of that particular power tool. I managed to process about a third of the wood this morning. It will be Friday before I am able to resume the task.


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