Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Tyreing Day

Temperatures have declined this week. One can't pretend that it is autumn any more. The trees have lost their arboreal cover for another year and now present their skeletal form to the horizon. Ground frost swathes the grass and the morning windows are etched with rime.


I have to concede that I am very wary of winter driving. I don't really enjoy driving at any time of year even though I clock up some 18,000 miles per annum. A few months ago I decided to order winter tyres for the trusty horseless carriage. These tyres have, by arrangement, been awaiting my collection for some six weeks. I determined to have them brought into service today. Accordingly I drove to my local village garage for the necessary tyre change this pm. They weren't cheap. I suppose there are less expensive alternatives but I decided to elect for the winter equivalent of my extant tyres. These proved to be Pirelli Scorpion Ice tyres. Hopefully I will get three winters out of this investment.

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