Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Chimney Pots.

A couple of weeks ago I had the local sweep along to do the necessary in the two chimneys that are in fairly regular use, those in the drawing room and study. The cost for this service was not I thought too bad. Mr Sweep requested the sum of sixty pounds which I paid if not with alacrity then certainly with contented resignation. Oh that that was the extent of the annual chimney expense!


Three chimney pots were badly cracked and two of them had developed holes near their bases. I do have to concede that they were not new, "pots." Two of them in particular may have been in situ for over one hundred years and if that has indeed been the case then I suppose I should not be too surprised or disappointed that I have now had to replace them.


The rub is that replacing thirty inch tall hexagonal chimney pots at a height of over fifty feet is not cheap. To comply with dear old, "H & S" it is necessary to hire a hoist for a half day. Then you have the expense of the pots and the costs of the tradesman. Hopefully today's chimney works will see me out.

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