Saturday, 29 November 2014

Saturday on Grass.


Tough but enjoyable is probably how I would describe today's training session. We started off with a warm up of about a mile. Next on the menu was a thirty minute AT run on grass.


There were six of us today. The youngest a mere colt of seventeen years, the oldest a mature stallion who won't see sixty one again. As for the rest of us, well a spread of ages between thirty two and just short of Heinz age. We completed our thirty minute effort pretty much as our form would dictate. Yours truly managed to traverse some seven and a quarter kilometres, (almost 4.5 miles in real money), within the designated time.


The AT run completed we then commenced a pyramid of efforts with a minute jog between each. The first effort was a mere ten seconds, but they progressed in ten second intervals to ninety seconds and then down again. Not as easy as might at first appear. A ten minute warm down concluded matters. A warm shower awaited the aching limbs,


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