Sunday, 23 November 2014

November Morning Run.

When the alarm sounded this morning I was very tempted to stay in bed. It wasn't that I was being awoken from my slumbers because I had been awake for more than a few hours. The spectre of thought had made sure of that. Again! No, bed just seemed a warmer and safer environment than the world on the other side of the shutters.

Unfortunately however I had allowed myself to be persuaded into running a 5k race so I had to levitate myself, breakfast early and drive off through the crispness of the morning with the public mask at my side ready to clip in place. I suppose ultimately I was glad that I had forced myself to join the world for the currency of the race as exercise does tend to loosen the knot of worry ,albeit transiently.

The weather conditions were conducive to running, dry, windless and bright ,albeit a tad cold. The course was flat with not too many turns. Over one hundred and thirty runners presented themselves at the startline. There were, as always, six or so individuals who could not judge the level of their ability and sprinted off at the gun and were subsumed into the pack within a quarter of a mile and then spat out of the rear of the pack within a further four forty.

I haven't seen the official results as yet but I think that the winner ran just under sixteen minutes. Unfortunately I wasn't close enough to him to view his moment of glory first hand. He had already commenced his warmdown when I managed to cross the line some two and a half minutes later.

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  1. Great third paragraph - and so true wherever you go.