Sunday, 9 November 2014

Labor Omnia Vincit

Labor omnia vincit,- work conquers all, work overcomes all difficulty. I used to think that this pithy Latin maxim was a truism. I tried to apply it in my work and in my sport. It hasn't really worked out in either sphere. I now regret the years spent attempting to be ever assiduous and putting in that extra effort. It hasn't brought inner contentment, whatever that is, nor has it engendered any great feeling of satisfaction in late middle age. Rather the contrary. It seems that I am doomed to the balance of whatever remains of my fourth quartile and any extra time that my genes may have allotted to me being a perpetual period of worry and self questioning of former actions and inactions, (even if I can remember them.)

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori may be the old lie but, " labor omnia vincit," must run a close second. What is the point of it all is the question that demands an answer. Logic tells us there is none.


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