Friday, 29 November 2013

Winter Training

Eight degrees centigrade, (forty six degrees farenheight in real money). Not a bad temperature for late November in Northern Ireland. The problem is that I have just returned from the slightly warmer climes of Lanzarote. Seventy six to forty six is a marked and unpleasant difference.


I have always thought that reducing the winter by a few weeks is a good idea. Unfortunately I am not in a position to head off to Happy Valley for the entire winter as certain of my forbears did. To them Lanzarote would have been a bit, "nouveau," and not quite pukka and maybe they would have been right. Well ok they would have been, but it is nice to get away from frosts, rain and winds, if only for a short time. Running and training in a temperate climate devoid of mud and rain is an easy selection.


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