Monday, 4 November 2013

Donkey Serenade

I don't suppose that very many of those who, "happen upon," this post will know of or have heard of, "The Donkey Serenade." To me it did seem an obvious title, but I suppose that is because I grew up watching grainy musicals on the very small box in the drawing room. No glorious technicolor then and just about a choice of stations. It wasn't that long after the everyday story of country folk had experienced the death of Grace Archer. Another reference to something which will mean nothing to most people!


I have always liked donkeys. The fine specimens in the above photo are kept by a farmer a few miles from where I live. He presently has four donkeys as well as a Shetland pony and foal.


My maternal grandfather bought me a donkey when I was about three. This was kept at his farm and every week I would inspect my donkey and be led around on it. Unfortunately my grandfather's ill health and subsequent demise meant that my first and largest pet had to be disposed of. The farm suffered the same fate. I often play the, "what if," game. What if my grandfather hadn't suffered ill health and died at what now seems the very early age of sixty five? Would he have kept the farm? Would I have been gently introduced to the notion of taking over his farm? I suspect so, but I will never know.


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