Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A Wooden Pile


Whilst my wood splitting may have been temporarily halted as a consequence of the breaking of the shaft of my sledge hammer I have already managed to provide myself with more than two cubic metres of logs for the winter of 2015/16. Despite the physical effort involved I do enjoy blocking firewood. There is a certain simple satisfaction in providing yourself with your own fuel.


My Sunday running companion is a joiner by trade. He waxes lyrical on the qualities of various woods. Not a man of many words nor particularity demonstrative he talks feelingly of the colour and qualities of our native trees. If anyone overheard our post run conversations on the grain and colour of different woods and how easy or hard they are to cut they would probably regard us as a couple of sad old buffers. Well maybe we are, but we do appreciate the turn, grain and smell of the wood and the heat provided by the logs resulting from our travails.


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