Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Spill Rail Connector DW12C

Car safety is clearly an important issue, but it does seem strange that vehicle recalls occur with such frequency, most especially since car production lines are now so automated. Monday's postal delivery brought me one of these safety related recall letters from Mr Tata's scribe. It informed me that there might be a problem with the, "spill rail connector," of my horseless carriage.


What a spill rail connector actually is I have no idea, but apparently a few vehicles have as a consequence of this mechanical aberration experienced fuel weeping which in a worse case scenario could result in under bonnet smoke or fire. I guess that this probably does warrant a recall!


The letter assured me that this was a, "no-charge," recall. Rest assured Mr Tata that I had no intention of paying for a vehicle check necessitated by a fault in one of your factories! Anyhows it wasn't a no cost recall. My car was not collected, checked and delivered back to me. I had to drive to the dealership, wait around for the necessary check to be carried out and then drive home. Bang went my morning. I was assured that my vehicle did not have a defective spill rail connector. Hoorah!


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