Sunday, 10 November 2013

Bright Chard

Chard - Bright Lights

Swiss Chard must be one of the most colourful inhabitants of the vegetable garden. The fine specimen which features in the above photograph is a bit of a rogue plant. It is not growing next its fellow chard plants in the designated row, but rather it sprang up amongst the potatoes. Perhaps some blackbird or robin stole a seed from the row which I sowed in late spring and dropped it amongst the drills of potatoes!


It is inevitable that frosts will soon be a regular feature of the night hours. So as to provide the chard with some protection against the drop in temperatures I will place bell cloches over the better plants so that I can continue cropping them through the winter months. With a modicum of effort it is just about possible to have Swiss Chard available right throughout the year even without a tunnel house.


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