Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Gym Challenge

Gym work can be a bit boring. By its very nature it has to be repetitive, slowly building up flexibility, muscle strength or length. Accordingly when I saw a gym challenge being advertised I thought that I would give it a rattle. There was a choice of three levels of difficulty. Despite not being built along the lines of Mr Atlas I elected to attempt the most difficult level, - more reps, slightly heavier weights. The aim was to complete the exercises as quickly as possible, wasting as little time as possible between the nine constituent parts.


So what did I have to do? The following exertions made up the elements of the challenge :-

1.5 k Static Bike ride

500m row - level 10

60 hip flexors

50 press ups

80 box step ups - 20kg

60 sit ups

40 shoulder presses - 16kg

800m treadmill run at 10 degree angle.

30 Bench presses - 40kg.

It didn't prove to be quite as difficult as I thought it might, so perhaps I judged my pacing slightly incorrectly. The exercises which I found to be the toughest were probably the sit ups and the bench presses, or more accurately the last four or five reps of each. The clock stopped at something over eighteen minutes. Now for some practice and a rerun me thinks.




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