Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Seed Order



When out on manoeuvres over the weekend I called in at the reasonably local nursery where I tend to purchase the bulk of my vegetable seeds. I do prefer to purchase from the local retailer rather than directly from the seed company.


Unfortunately the seed racks at the nursery were lacking the bulk of this season's seeds. The proprietor's son advised me that the balance of their order would be available within the next few weeks. I know that a lot of the seeds that I want will not be sown for a few months yet but things like peppers, celeriac and kohl rabi need to be sown before the end of February so as to achieve the best results.


I bought what seeds I could at the nursery together with a large bag of seed compost. I suppose that salved my conscience for my forthcoming actions. When I arrived home I have to admit that I went on line and purchased the balance of my seed order together with a garden knife. If the retailer had had the full selection of seeds my payment to him might have been almost £100 more than it actually was. My order arrived today.



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