Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Run at Drive's End

The drive to Sunday's athletic exertions was not as tiring as I anticipated. I picked up my passengers at a,"park and drive," shortly after 9.30 and from thence we headed south in search of Athlone and its Institute of Technology and the attendant indoor track.

This facility is so so different from the cattle shed in Tullamore which was previously lauded as the Republic of Ireland's Indoor National Arena. The new track has decided that it should be called an International venue and I wouldn't disagree with that designation.

This was my second visitation to the track, ditto one of my passengers. For the remaining duo it was to be a new experience. Our fifth club participant, who was travelling separately save for his young teenage son, had also trod the boards a year back.

The event we were participating in was the Leinster, (provincial), Indoor Championships. The two, "masters," within our assemblage managed to achieve three provincial titles between them. albeit as guests, one at 3k and two at the metric mile.

Whilst the drive to Athlone was better than anticipated the return trip was just as tiring as I had dreaded.



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