Monday, 9 February 2015

Down in the Orchard



My embryonic orchard has been the locus of this weekends efforts in the garden. I have cut the frost withered grass with the trusty shears and given the trees a surrounding circle of comforting compost and bark. Two years since the initial planting I am beginning to think that I should have chosen more mature specimens. I haven't had any cobnuts to date and last years apple crop amounted to a mere two fruit. They were however very tasty. Hopefully this year will result in a meteoric increase of produce.


I am hoping that I can clear sufficent ground to enable me to plant at least six more fruit trees in what I insist upon calling my orchard. What these will be I haven't quite decided, but I will need to make my mind up rather quickly if I am to get them planted this year. A mulberry bush is a tempting notion as is a walnut tree. Perhaps a few quince would be a good idea. I shall ponder over the nursery catalogues for another week or so.


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