Saturday, 21 February 2015

Hot and Cold


I suppose that I thought, - had hoped,- that winter had slunk away for another year. I was mistaken. When I pulled back the curtains and parted the shutters this morning a dusting of snow had whitened the lawns. Quite pretty I suppose, but indicative of cold. My outside perambulations confirmed a temperature that was barely positive.

Despite the coldness of the day I determined that today would be the day that I sowed my chilli and pepper seed. I have selected a fairly standard sweet pepper, "Lany," this year together with a red Chilli Pepper, (Hot Mexican), and a green Chilli Pepper, (Jalapeño). The seed trays are now ensconced in a heated propagator. I suspect that I should see some indications of growth within the next ten days. Summer seems a long way away.



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