Friday, 6 February 2015

Not for Reading

The Dark Palace - R. N, Morris - Severn House Publushers Ltd.

I like to support the local library. If people don't make use of their libraries they will be an easy casualty of Government cutbacks.


Unfortunately I lifted this book by Roger Morris when I last entered the portals of my nearest repository of the written word. It was a real effort to read this detective novel. From page two onwards I was tempted to desist from the task. I cannot remember when I was so disappointed with a book. Maybe there are some readers out there who found this story riveting but if there are I don't think that I would want to meet them.


I found the storyline unconvincing, ditto the main protagonist, (DI Silas Quinn). The characters were shallow, two dimensional caricatures who inhabited a world of melodrama. If the price hadn't read £19.99 I might have called it a penny dreadful. It was - dreadful.



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