Thursday, 28 August 2014

Pouring Warm Water on Ice Bucket Challenge.

Am I just one of tens of millions of people who start yawning whenever they hear about this viral craze which causes otherwise sensible individuals to allow themselves to be doused in ice cold water? I suspect that I am. Indeed I would suggest that many of the soaked Sams and Samanthas are only entering into the, "fun," of this idiotic behaviour because of peer pressure. That's the same pressure that results in children, (what Mr Salmond calls young voters), electing to pump themselves full of illegal substances.


Of course there will be a rump of narcissists and self promotors who want their sixty seconds of fame on social media. - Look at me I'm getting wet and guess what I'm giving three pounds to charity! I'm a modern day Gulbenkian! - I suppose there might even be a few individuals who decide to accept their icy challenge for entirely altruistic reasons, make their donation to charity and don't tell anyone.


Maybe some thought should be given to excising all water and ice from the scenario with people giving to charitable causes anonymously as their conscience dictates. Now why didn't someone think of that!

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