Friday, 8 August 2014

Fines for Holidays

During the breaking of my fast this am I turned on the old goggle box. My choice of channel was and is British Broadcasting Channel 1. A thirty something (late 30's) mother was complaining about the fining of parents if they should take their children on holiday during term time. She appeared to intimate that it was divisive if it was only well off parents who could take their children on holiday. Perhaps every child should get top grades in their exams no matter what their attendance record is. School attendance is such an irrelevancy!! Am I wrong?


There is no doubt that July and August holidays are more expensive than May and October holidays. It is a matter of demand and meteorological conditions. If a family cannot afford to take a foreign holiday or indeed a stay vacation during the school holidays well they don't. There is no shame in that. They are giving priority to their children's education. Such a terrible thing for a parent to do!

,Mummy may want to top her tan and daddy may want to have a few cool beers in the sun at a discount rate but once they are parents they have to consider their children and their childrens' education. Everyone knows the school term dates. If individuals are not prepared to limit their vacations to school holidays during the currency of their childrens' minority then maybe just maybe they should not have embarked upon the adventure of parenthood.

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