Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Argory Pitstop.



Last weekend saw me make the journey to Tullamore in County Offaly for the Irish Masters Athletics Championships. There was a time and it's not that many years ago that I would have undertaken the four plus hour drive down to the venue, competed and driven home, all in the one day. I must be getting old or soft but it is now a two day jaunt with a couple of stops on the way down, an overnight sojourn and one stop on the way home. If I should continue to make this annual athletic pilgrimage I suspect that a further, "overnight," may have to be added to the itinerary.


My pitstop on the journey down was at the Argory just outside the village of Moy. I hadn't visited this National Trust property before. Time didn't permit me to spend more than hour wandering around the grounds but I noted that an antiques and collectables fair is to be held at the property towards the end of the month. I think that I will make that event an excuse to make a return and longer visit. Whilst it is interesting to wander around Estates such as the Argory I cannot help feeling that it is a little sad that it isn't still in private ownership and instead has to submit itself to hordes of visitors.



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