Thursday, 7 August 2014

Fresh from the Vine


There is something particularly appealing about a tomato plucked fresh from the vine and warmed by the summer sun. Tomato plants and their fresh fruit have a very distinct and luscious smell. The packaged product from the supermarket shelves is by contrast a rather pale and bland imitation of the real McCoy.


This years supply of tomatoes has just commenced. A few pounds have already been utilised in sandwiches and salads and the odd fruit or two has been plucked and straight away consumed during my pre- breakfast ambles to the greenhouse to open the ventilators. These are the ones I savour the most.


As in previous years I have trained up a total of twenty four plants. Perhaps a few more than I strictly need, but it is good to have sufficent produce to lay down a few pots of chutney for winter consumption. All the plants have now been, "stopped," with their growing tips cut out.



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