Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Dump By Another Name


One of Londonderry's mothballed municipal refuse centres, aka dumps, is to be found just north of Culmore Point. It occupies an area of land next the Lough which was reclaimed during the nineteenth century. These former slob lands were originally referred to as the Culmore Level or the Kilderry Reclamation. The freehold was vested in the Society of the Governor and Assistants London of the New Plantation in Ulster Within the Realm of Ireland, (the Irish Society), by virtue of the seventeenth century charter from the Crown.

On the 8th February 1871 the Irish Society granted a lease of the entirety of the Kilderry Reclamation (108a 19p) for the term of 270 years from 1st January 1867 in favour of The Rev. Carlton Maxwell of Leckpatrick, The Rev. Edward James Hamilton of Desertmartin and Willam Gordon Bowen of Burt House. The rent reserved by the lease was originally £5.00 per annum. This rose to £10.00 after 100 years and will rise further to £20.00 per annum for the last seventy years of the term. The bulk of these lands are now vested in the Local Authority.


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