Monday, 2 June 2014

Tomato Scaffold


One can almost see the tomato plants growing at the moment. I hadn't placed their bamboo supports in position at the time of planting which I really should have done.


Anyhows no harm done and I constructed the necessary bamboo scaffolding today. The tomato plants have now been tied in to the upright canes and I have excised all the side shoots. The first flower trusses are just beginning to show. Another ten days to a fortnight and these will have set. That will be the green light to commence feeding.


Tomato plants have a particular smell. I can recognise the aroma but it is hard to describe. I suppose it is slightly earthy. In any event it is a smell of summer, a smell of warmth and growth.


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  1. Now that is brilliant ! Very neat. Take care now. Marion