Wednesday, 18 June 2014

I Don't Believe It!

I had the car radio on this morning whilst out on my manoeuvrings. A listener was complaining about an hotel he had stayed at recently. It wasn't the service or cleanliness that was being complained about, no it was the fact that the hotel had set up a display with the ubiquitous crackers and tinsel advertising the delights of their, "Christmas fayre."


Now I do think that the dear old listener had a point. We haven't even passed the longest day of the year; the schools haven't broken up for the summer and the touch paper hasn't been lit for Guy Fawke's night. Everything has its place in the calendar and this hotel was being a mite previous in its advertising campaign.


This desire to advertise unconscionably early is perhaps more common than we think. Within half an hour of hearing about the Christmas advertising I had cause to enter through the portals of Easons in search of a book. They were in the process of erecting, "back to school," displays!


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