Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Drumlamph Wood not for running.


I am always on the lookout for new locations for a run. Not so long ago I espied a roadside sign for Drumlamph Wood. I knew nothing about this wood having never even heard of it. Anyhows I decided to investigate it last Sunday. The weather didn't exactly lend itself to a sylvan stroll but having shod myself with trail shoes and bedecked myself with a waterproof running top I was prepared for the heavy showers.


The wood is located about two miles out of Maghera and is run by the Woodland Trust. The information board at the carpark informed me that the wood contained some areas of ancient woodland which have been continuously wooded from before 1600. Since the Woodland Trust have come on the scene more than 30,000 native trees have been planted. Altogether the boundaries of the wood encircle more than seventy eight acres. This includes some bogland as well as areas of rush meadow.


The paths running through the wood don't provide a great surface for running although a drier day might make the terrain more conducive to a training session. Probably the main downside of the location as a venue for running is the smallness of the wood. I didn't measure the longest circuit but It is probably two and a half kilometres at most. One would get a bit dizzy running around it. However a nice place for a lazy stroll with one's faithful hound in tow, (if you have one.)





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