Saturday, 15 February 2014

Training Again

T'was a trifle windy this morning when I surfaced from my night's sleep, but nothing compared to the gales that had been buffeting the south of England. Even that modest blow of fresh air subsided quite quickly. The temperature gauge on my car indicated an almost equadorial five degrees centigrade. (Unfortunately the manufacturer of my horseless carriage neglected to install a gauge which is calibrated in understandable farenheight.)

I had thought that the weather for this morning's training session was going to be much less salubrious than it turned out to be. True there was a short hail shower but by way of climatic pay back there was also a period of tentative sunshine.

The training group was somewhat depleted today. Only four of us pulled up at the venue for the morning's exertions. The non attenders had cited work or trips to Madrid and New York as the reason for absenting themselves. After debating the merits of these excuses for absenteeism we who had adhered to the call of the training calendar commenced our warmup. That completed we ran two pyramid sets of nine hills. Somewhat surprisingly the second set was easier than the first set. It was probably the youngest member of the quartet who found the session the hardest. He is moving up from 200/400m to 800m and is still working on his stamina. We concluded our exertions with half a dozen acceleration runs and a ten minute warm down. Lunch then beckoned.


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