Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Almost Spring


No rain this pm so I was able to get out into the garden. For a time the clouds rolled back and it was even possible to imagine that it was a spring day. Cold yes but at least it wasn't a dull and dank afternoon.


The croci planted around the yew trees are now in flower and after a few years of a rather sparse show the numbers seem to have multiplied at last. Oh that they would propagate themselves as easily as the snowdrops.


With March very much on the horizon today's task was to start preparing the vegetable patch for planting the early potatoes and the onion sets. Despite an autumn weeding weeds always manage to reappear over the winter months. If the rain holds off for a few days and there is a drying wind I would hope that I might be able to dig some of the compost heap's contents into the potato patch over the weekend.


Another year of vegetable growing has commenced.


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