Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Argory Run


Today took me slightly outside my normal beat. The reason for this aberration was the servicing requirements of my horseless carriage. I suppose I could have travelled home in the courtesy car which I was supplied with and returned some hours later for my own vehicle, but I decided to remain in the greater locale of the garage.


I drove out to the National Trust's property known as The Argory. Unfortunately it was closed but I parked at the nearby Bond's Bridge and headed off for a run down small country roads. My route was totally unplanned. It was a perfect day for running, no rain, no wind and quite mild for this time of year. I ran past a couple of avenues leading to substantial late Georgian or early Victorian piles. Their outbuildings were ivy clad, the grounds tending towards decrepitude. I was reminded of some of the short stories of William Trevor.


My exertions took me into the apple county of Armagh. Surprisingly some of the orchards have been planted quite recently. Others display a much older planting with their knarled boughs.


Once I had completed my run I drove to the village of Moy for a late lunch. The proprietor of the eating establishment which I decided to favour with my business turned out to be from the Antipodes. She tempted me with with a multitude of sandwich fillings. The family at an adjoining table regaled me with the hospital experiences of their son who they were about to spring from his enforced confinement.



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