Monday, 17 February 2014

Tooth & Maw

It may not be long before tadpole time but unfortunately this is one Frieda Frog who will not be adding to the frog population. I wonder who the assassin was? Who ever did the dastardly deed must have taken a correspondence course in dissection.


A propos of that and not much else apparently there is no longer a dissection practical on the biology A Level syllabus. No longer do students have the joy of delving into the biology lab fridge and bringing forth a plastic bag containing a dogfish or rat drenched in some strange embalming fluid. No longer do they have the joy of pegging out the damp corpse on a dissection board and cutting into the fetid flesh and pairing out the yellow globules of fat. The purchase of a dissection kit was one of the rights of passage from O level to A Level biology. Happy days.


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