Saturday, 7 December 2013

Winter Colour in the Garden

Iris Foetitissima


It really is surprising what colour you can have in the winter garden. Of course there is the vivid red of the holly berry and the purple hues of the ivy and come the end of January there will be the pristine white flowers of the early snowdrops, but other colours can brighten up the winter months.

I had a brief saunter around the garden this pm after my mornings training session. The orange of the iris berries cannot be missed, nor the pale pink of the vibernum flowers. The fragrance of the latter is something which will fill a warm room with its sweet flavours. The winter months should not be written off automatically.



  1. Vibernum smells gorgeous at the moment, even to my defective nose. Still have roses in flower, alongside the winter pansies. I must plant some of these irises, sinse my new year resolution is propogate, propogate, propogate (plants I mean).

  2. You paint a beautiful picture of a nurtured northern garden in winter. Showing us a positive aspect of this normally harsh season. Unfortunately xc cannot paint the same picture.