Tuesday, 24 December 2013

City of Culture - The passing of the Baton.

The burghers of Hull must be so so excited that they are to succeed Londonderry as the UK's City of Culture. Imagine the joys they have in store. They might get a lovely white tent for a year and if they are very lucky they will host that pinnacle of the cultural world aka the Radio One Roadshow. No doubt they will also have a pyrotechnic display and some balloons and a few locals will strum their guitars, while others will stick a finger in one ear and entertain their doting mummies and daddies to culturally important pop songs. They might even have a ballet troupe arrive in town. I can see the queues already!


They will also become very well acquainted with the, "L," word during their tenure of the City of Culture accolade. This is a very important word which must only be uttered in reverent and hushed tones. Local councillors will tell everyone who will listen and those that won't, that there will be a great legacy. The owners of local businesses will be told that they are being presented with a huge commercial opportunity.


The residents of Hull should also remember that this recently generated honorific is held in such national high esteem that the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport will probably not have her ministerial car driven in their direction. MarIa Miller was just too busy over the last year and didn't manage to locate Londonderry on her sat nav.


I wonder if Hull will be not only the second UK City of Culture, but also the last?


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