Friday, 13 December 2013

Shoes Maketh Man

My trusty Grenson shoes were becoming very down at heal - literally. I suppose I shouldn't complain too strongly. I do like these sturdy foot covers and there was no question of throw out and replace. No this was a job for the cobbler. After ten years and two, "rehealings," they are old friends, not just a functional cover for the old plates of meat.

There do seem to be fewer of these artisans than there used to be. I suppose this is a reflection of people tending to invest in cheaper shoes and deciding that it is more economic for them to replace worn footwear rather than repairing it. Personally I think that it proves to be easier on the pocket in the medium to long term to invest in a good quality shoe that moulds to your foot and which you repair and maintain. Anyhows the old friends were deposited with the local cobbler last Friday to have their lopsided heals excised and replaced. I collected them today after parting with the non princely sum of £9.00.

A level gait is resumed.


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