Monday, 30 December 2013

Jackets for Chickens

I was half listening to Radio 4's, "You and Yours," programme today when an item caused my ears to prick up. I was being informed about jackets for chickens. Surely this was an item for April 1st.? But no this was a serious albeit rather esoteric article.


Apparently a firm with the appropriate name of, "Omlet," has developed a jacket to keep chickens cosier during the winter months. Omlet is known for their chicken coops and they had been contacted by various of their customers who thought that their garden chickens looked cold in the snow and frost. They are currently retailing a high vis jacket and a tweed version. The high vis jacket is available in yellow or pink and it can be purchased for your clucking friends at the ever so reasonable price of £20 per twin pack.

Designing a jacket for a chicken is not as easy as you might think. The bird's shoulders have to be left uncovered so that its balance is unaffected. Six prototypes were looked at before the final version was decided upon. This does not interfere with the bird's dust bathing and sits high enough up so that the bird's feet cannot get stuck in it. A snug fit is achieved with velcro fastenings. Over one thousand of these winter warmers have been sold already and no doubt today's radio airing will help sales.

I wonder if Omlet will diversify into woollen jumpers for sheep and leather jackets for cattle?

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