Saturday, 6 February 2016

Railway Run

This morning was most definitely the best portion of the day for running. The rain clouds and gusty winds held off until the afternoon. I met my training companions at the new Foyle Arena in the Waterside district of Londonderry at a smidgen after 10.30. After ten minutes of drills the running commenced. We ran through St Columb's Park to the Peace Bridge and crossed over it to the West Bank of the City. The session involved us running for thirty minutes from the bridge at a steady but easy pace and then retracing our steps at a faster but still sub race and even sub tempo pace. Being able to carry on a conversation was the determinative.

Our route took us up the West Bank of the River Foyle following what had been the course of the old GNR railway. I was the only one of the group to remember trains on the track and indeed travelling on them. It is rather frightening to think that that is now more than fifty one years ago.

We averaged some 4.50 per kilometre on the way out. The return journey was at a tad over 4.15. Running in a group, there were six of us, is so much easier and more enjoyable than plodding along on your lonesome. The time and the miles go in much more quickly aided of course by the continual banter.


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