Sunday, 7 February 2016

Garlic Sunday

I should really have planted my garlic in November but I didn't. The weather and other circumstances conspired against me both before and after Christmas. I knew that it wouldn't be long before the garlic bulbs which I had stored in the cellar would begin to sprout. Accordingly I determined upon this afternoon as the day of planting.

It didn't take too long to prepare the soil. A light forking over to remove a few weeds, a firming of the soil with the old size tens and then a light raking to level off the soil. The area had had a liberal application of garden compost last spring but nothing this year. None of the aliums grow well in freshly manured soils. I planted three fifteen foot long rows of garlic, spacing the cloves about five or six inches apart. The cloves are approximately one and a half inches below the surface of the soil.

There were many more cloves than were needed for planting. The excess cloves have been skinned and trimmed and placed in the freezer for culinary use.



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