Saturday, 13 February 2016

On Track Again.

Although I have had two indoor races this year today was my first track session of the year. It was good to get back on the 400m track, good to get into the rhythm of track reps. We started off with a three mile warm up. Thereafter we spent some twenty minutes performing various drills and shuttle runs. That completed it was time for the main course. We ran an 800m followed by 4 X 400m and then another 800m to finish off.

To take account of our various abilities we were split up into three groups. I managed to avoid the cut for the slowest group! Between each of the reps we had a 200m jog by way of recovery. The instruction was to run the 800m reps at 3000m pace and the 400's at 1500m pace. I just about managed to adhere to this instruction although the last 800m at 2.32.was maybe a trifle quick. This session was in preparation for a 3k race in which we are participating on Thursday night, (weather permitting!). Hopefully I will be in the upper quartile of the V5's.






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