Sunday, 31 January 2016

Bird Day.


It only seems a year since the RSPB held their last Big Garden Birdwatch and it was. The RSPB held their annual Birdwatch this weekend. This was the fourth successive year that I have participated. Over one million people submitted their viewings. It was a very wet and cold day so I was not too surprised that I wasn't seeing as many birds as last year, nor indeed as many species. The results which I submitted were as follows. I have shown the numbers for last year in brackets by way of comparison. It would seem that the house sparrow and the long tailed tit have not had a good year.

House Sparrow 3 (13)

Blackbird. 2 (2)

Starling. 3 (0)

Blue tit 6. (3)

Chaffinch. 1. (3)

Robin. 2 (1)

Great Tit. 2 (2)

Coal Tit. 2. (1)

Long Tailed Tit 0. (7)

Wren. 0. (1)

I think that I will compile my own monthly or weekly results in future. It is interesting to note the changes in the bird populations. Perhaps also a trifle depressing.



















  1. It would be interesting to see your 2015 list for comparative purposes.

  2. Good idea Christopher. I will make the necessary additions/alterations to the post.