Monday, 18 January 2016

Chicken Duvet Day

The temperatures have been dropping over the past few weeks. Chickens are surprisingly resilient to sub zero temperatures. Resilient certainly but they still prefer positive temperatures as do I. About a month ago I decided to purchase a duvet for the coop. It wasn't called a duvet but heyho that's what it is really. The residents of the coop seemed to be very pleased with the insulation layer which I have provided them with with. It is made specifically for the coop and fits well. A total of sixteen bungee hooks attach the cover to the coop. There is a zip enabling one to get at the litter trays but unfortunately there isn't the same facility to access the nesting box. That said it isn't too onerous to undo the necessary three or four bungee hooks. Another capital cost to cover!



1 comment:

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