Friday, 22 May 2015

Preparation is Everything.

Yesterday's training was very much a preparatory session. We were preparing for an 800m race on Saturday evening.


After the obligatory warmup we completed various drills over low hurdles aiming to increase leg speed. Thereafter we moved on to the track and ran 8 x 150m with a walk back recovery. The instruction was that we shouldn't run very much quicker than our 800m pace. On that basis I should have been running through the line in circa 25secs. None of us really kept to to our target pace. By the end of the set I was comfortably under twenty two seconds. This wasn't an out and out sprint for yours truly but it did represent a ratcheting up from my two lap pace and if I am honest it was even slightly quicker than what I could now maintain for a sole lap.


It is rather sad when you have to accept that the targets of previous years are now very much on the other side of the hill and will never be achieved again. Still I suppose that I am lucky that I can still toe the line and not make a total fool of myself on the athletics track.



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