Sunday, 24 May 2015

Notes on The Place Names of The Parishes and Townlands of the County of Londonderry - Alfred Moore Munn

Not a snappy title for a book but it certainly tells you exactly what is between the covers. This book was first published in 1925. Sixty years later in 1985 it was reprinted by Ballinascreen Historical Society. I don't know how many copies were in the original printing but the 1985 print run ran to five hundred copies. The original print run was probably no larger.


It is not a book that one reads from page one et seq. Rather it is a book that one will dip into and refer to for information on the nomenclature of the parishes and townlands of the County. It also provides information on the size of the townlands. I spent an enjoyable couple of hours flipping through it.


The author, Alfred Moore Munn was a solicitor by profession and by 1925 he had been appointed Clerk of the Crown & Peace for the City and County of Londonderry. He had married Blanche Oulton Brady in Dublin in 1879. Their daughter, Blanche Moore Munn, (born 1881), married Captain Samuel Alexander Watt in 1900. The latter was a son of Andrew Alexander Watt of Thornhill, Londonderry.


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