Saturday, 16 May 2015

Greggs in Northern Ireland.

I am definitely not an habitué of shops selling convenience foods. It is probably six months since I entered the portals of a fish and chip shop and that was midway through a five hour drive home from an athletic event. I have never purchased an Indian or Chinese takeaway and I do not expect that I ever will. Despite this antipathy towards the joys of convenience eating I have been following the opening of Greggs' first outlet in Northern Ireland with a degree of interest. My interest has however been of a financial nature rather than a desire to sate any feelings of hunger. I have to admit to a very modest investment in this FTSE 250 company.

The location for NI's first Greggs is the Applegreen service station on the M2. The directors of Greggs are clearly rather wary as to whether this will prove to be a successful venture out of their northern heartland and they have only committed themselves to a twelve month sojourn. Their pies however seem to be proving successful with Northern Ireland's hungry car driving populace and I suspect that Greggs' corporate livery will be soon be seen in most town high streets in this region. Hopefully so. It might result in a modest hike in the share price and the dividend yield. An appetising prospect.



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